Devlog 3 - Franken Tutor

Huzzah! Guess who got a brand new router cause the old one just... died. 

did i doodle this just for the post? yes, yes i did.

Without distractions, it has been a good week for art!

The process starts with a pose frame (right), then the details are sketched (center) with what I consider the "base expression." This is what I consider the expression that defines the character the most. Finally, I draw the base sprite without any facial expressions (left)! 

Sprite Process

I'm the toughest and have the scars to prove it

Then come all the pieces of expressions, which will later be rendered piece wise for programming. To provide myself with a little sanity, I group them like I would later program them.

Truth be told, I tend to go overboard when making expressions.

This results in a multitude of possible expressions for the character. Fun facts: Ein is capable of 864 expressions, Law is capable of 1680, and Kaise 2016! Will all of them be used in game? Probably not, but they'll be capable of it.

Ein Expressions
Just a small sample of the expressions Ein is capable of!

Once all the expression lineart is finished, I move onto flat coloring. The expressions each get their own layer/folder for color, but everything is colored together.

Here's a preview of the sprites! They're set to be finished by the end of this week~!

Sprites WIP

See you all soon!

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