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I love it soooooo much pls make more


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ok ok ok okok ok ok oko kokoko so i went insane it is extremly brutifull and free my guy when i fannally get my pay pal and pay


this was beautiful omg!! <3


i loved this omg thank so much i seriously cryed at the end.lovvvvvvvvvvvve it please make morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre


i LOVED LOVED LOVED this game pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make more


really nice and cute !! 


Wholesome game! Loved it 100% 


sorry to bother you but I’m on the Mac version in Catalina 10.15 and it won’t load past the hourglass. Any ideas? It seems adorable and I want to play. 

You could just play it from the web. Don't think it would be any different from downloading it.


this was the cutest game ever!!!!!!!!!!! it was short but still ill miss playing it :(((( loved it <3


I'm sjdkshjfks 

What a nice ending and story <3 Trisetar was way softer than I first expected and I love it.



that was so cute <3

and the ending and the twist-

i LOVED it all


gib bay


what i meant was

Great game! Had a lot of fun! These two dinguses deserve each other lol 

I opened the game and started to play when I accidentally deleted the tab, and now its stuck on the hour glass loading screen after the unity loading screen, ive reloaded multiple times, tried restarting, tried waiting and nothings working, I only just managed to get to the start and I wanna play more!!

I'm sorry to hear that! What browser are you using and what operating system? Try clearing your cookies and cache? If that doesn't solve the issue, let me know.

I'm just using a windows laptop, 8th generation and chrome, by all means it should technically work fine


i ship them


i need more of these cuties I finished it and now im sad


I feel ya on that

same i need more of this story

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does someone know how to FUCKING save the game? ive saved it SEVERAL TIMES and when i EXIT THE GAME what i SAVE ITS NOT THERE

pd: i love this game i just wanna play bro like-

Are you on the browser version or the PC version? If you're on the browser version, are you playing on Incognito mode?

I apologize for the issue, I will work on getting a fix up ASAP. Thank you for your patience!

No its fine i already finished the game (i loved it btw) and i played both ways (not in incognito mode) and it didnt work but thank you!


awesome before i played after i played it still awesome

five star rating


This was my first visual novel I've ever played, and it has set the bar HIGH. I absolutely loved it keep up the great work




the art style is incredible and i loved the writing! i wish there was more




Short but very very sweet. It was very enjoyable to watch the characters' relationship unfold as they spent time together, and the conversation and realms felt realistic. To be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to like it since I tend to be picky with visual novels, but I really enjoyed it. Absolutely awesome and I regret not finding this game earlier.

the art isn't loading in the windows version

Hi, I apologize for the issue! Can you tell me if you see a little hourglass at the bottom right of the screen?


I see it


just wanted to say love the art on your itch account page


yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


I dunno how to ship this. They both seem like bottoms 4 some reason!


my heart melted


loooooved this game, so freaking cute !


I play this game whenver I want to feel relaxed and sleepy! The soundtrack is A+! I would totally buy it as a standalone!! Just a suggestion >;)

I'm trying to make this work on my school laptop, but it wouldn't work. Is there a way you can fix it?

im using a school laptop to and it works fine

damn im sorry for this being 2yrs in the making almost 3yrs but it did work in the end 😂


absolutely love it!! <3 


Great game with great story ;D

I would like to translate it. DM me on Twitter, I've left a comment on the game there :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Spoilers man 

Oops sorry, didn't think you'd read this before playing


anyone know how to work this game... cause when i download and open it it shows be a blank black screen with a loading square at the bottom but it never loads up no matter how long i can i have assisstance

Sorry to hear! What operating system are you on? I'll try to work it out, but in the meantime you can play the web build!

Mac OS and ok


same, 8 months later :(


I was having a great time playing! What's more, that lowkey lo-fi music was so lovely.

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this is absolutely AWESOME! the illustrations are beautiful and the story is  amazing. the twist at the end is really cool. (don't want to spoil anything!) although i kinda expected it. :P  all in all i love it! <3<3<3

There needs to be a way to save and skip through the game. I don’t know if it saves on its own without it, but we don’t know that when we’re trying to save the game. As for skipping through it, we may not want to watch the boring parts and just want to play the good parts.

There is a save and skip feature included! It's in the quick menu at the bottom of the game window.

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