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I dunno how to ship this. They both seem like bottoms 4 some reason!


my heart melted


loooooved this game, so freaking cute !


I play this game whenver I want to feel relaxed and sleepy! The soundtrack is A+! I would totally buy it as a standalone!! Just a suggestion >;)

I'm trying to make this work on my school laptop, but it wouldn't work. Is there a way you can fix it?

im using a school laptop to and it works fine

damn im sorry for this being 2yrs in the making almost 3yrs but it did work in the end 😂


absolutely love it!! <3 


Great game with great story ;D

I would like to translate it. DM me on Twitter, I've left a comment on the game there :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Spoilers man 

Oops sorry, didn't think you'd read this before playing


anyone know how to work this game... cause when i download and open it it shows be a blank black screen with a loading square at the bottom but it never loads up no matter how long i can i have assisstance

Sorry to hear! What operating system are you on? I'll try to work it out, but in the meantime you can play the web build!

Mac OS and ok


same, 8 months later :(


I was having a great time playing! What's more, that lowkey lo-fi music was so lovely.

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this is absolutely AWESOME! the illustrations are beautiful and the story is  amazing. the twist at the end is really cool. (don't want to spoil anything!) although i kinda expected it. :P  all in all i love it! <3<3<3

There needs to be a way to save and skip through the game. I don’t know if it saves on its own without it, but we don’t know that when we’re trying to save the game. As for skipping through it, we may not want to watch the boring parts and just want to play the good parts.

There is a save and skip feature included! It's in the quick menu at the bottom of the game window.


I love this game! The art is so good and the story is super cute, I had no trouble playing it again to get all the CGs. The characters are very well written and it was great to see their relationship growing. It was a really good experience, thank you very much for creating this!


Really loved this game in all it's glory and hope you keep making more! Also, I'm not the only one who noticed Felix's shirt changing from "Gamer" to "Gayer" right? (You can't see the full text on the shirt but it's there)


You're right, during the final scene before the CG, it does change to 'Gaymer'! xD

RIGHT, glad I'm not just seeing things


Loved this game. Such an adorable pair. Lovely drawings and nice writing. I'd love to read more about the pair and Nessie. Keep up the good work guys ^_^


Wow!!1 This game was great the graphics and the plot are both amazing, took me two day to play both endings but it was worth!!! Love our little demon Trisetar!! He is absolutely amazing and so is our MC Felix, his character was genuinely funny!! 10/10 will play again XD


this game was sooooo funnnn!!! im sad to say its over, i wish it could last forever lol ! but it was really fun and light and i really hope to see lots more from this creator cause their stories are so fun to read and play! Also the art is crazyyyyy i loved it so much, and its so i actually dont usually like story games cause i get bored but this one was just amazing! im definitely gonna recommend it to some friends to try out :)))


Cute game, loved the bright, vivid graphics. Made me want a Demetrius, all about the headpats, food, and adorable-ness of a cooking cat <3 Those Demon books tho, "50 Shades of Humans" xD


Honestly, one of the cutes games I've played! The art is really cute and I loved the story. I really ended up liking Trisetar and Felix and how cute both of them were! Nessie's reaction to figuring out what was up- 10/10! 

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Demon Kiss is a super great game! The writing is fun, the art is cute, and the atmosphere is interesting. It's not a long game but absolutely worth your time, especially given that it's free.

Quick answer: 9/10

  • Plot: 9/10

Fairly straightforward, though that's not a bad thing, the premise is simple but it's executed well. Don't expect R18 content, but if you like a cute story I found the plot to be a pretty good vehicle for the relationship and its development.  The writing itself is quite good, there are fun references and nods to popular works. I really wish there was more description to some of the scenes though, but for the most part the characters and their interactions keeps you intrested.

  • Art: 10/10

The art is great, the sprites are super crisp and was what initially drew me to the game. The character designs are pleasing to look at and feel unique. The colors are vibrant and interesting, plus the backgrounds are done well enough to give me a proper understanding of what the environment was like and the general mood of the world. There's really not much to say other than its an extremely attractive game. Given that this is a NaNoRenO title, it far exceeded my expectations in this category.

  • Characters: 9/10

Though there weren't many, the characters were enjoyable. Felix's design is cute and I can appreciate a good purple-haired character. His personality was somewhat likable, it felt somewhat jarring to have made some bolder responses to situations then the next scene have him act neurotic from something else. Trisetar was a very enjoyable character, he's the archetype I'm super into so I'm probably super biased here. He's pitched as a wrathful type character but he felt more petulant than anything else, though this doesn't detract from his character. I thought he was really cute and I felt like he was a good match to Felix. I liked his design (I mean demons/devils are great across the board haha) and you spend enough time to develop feelings towards him by the end of it all.

  • Sound: 8/10

The music choices are good, some of the tracks felt more modern and kinda like that Lofi study beats playlist that won't leave my Youtube recommendations alone. At first I leaned on not caring for it, but it felt reflective of Felix's personality and I grew to like it pretty quickly. He probably would listen to it if he were real haha. I do feel, however, that the music should've reflected some of the changes in locale, or even Felix's emotional state at times.
The SFX were great for the most part, they added a bit of life into the scenes much more than a typical game-y sounding effect meant to emulate things happening would've. The sound mixing for those effects were good, though not perfect. (I'm looking at you, obnoxiously loud party scene!)
I think this would've really benefited from voice acting, there were some scenes where we had music, SFX, and pretty art but then there was a lack of life in the characters themselves.

  • Design: 10/10

Not many visual novels run on the Unity engine, since it can be pretty buggy and quite finicky, but this game utilizes this engine very well. This comparatively looks cleaner than Ren'Py and has much more interesting transitions and effects at the cost of some minor glitches. Kudos to the dev on the UI and effects since they are quite pleasing to look at. Super minor, but I really liked the font for some reason too. Plus, the summoning circle/sigil-esque motif was a nice touch.

  • Gameplay: 9/10

Again, pretty straightforward. The options usually lean towards, trying to get with Trisetar or not. I saw some complaints saying that this was a bad thing but I disagree, I don't think a visual novel needs to be needlessly confusing to try and thwart the reader. I think most of the choices served their purpose. I, personally, do really enjoy some of the choices that seem to have no bearing on the relationship (or maybe it does, who knows haha) there's a scene where Felix is asked what he wants to drink and I think that helps build an identity for the character rather than a lifeless self-insert with a pretty bishounen face.

  • Overall Thoughts: 9/10

This is a really wonderful NaNoRenO title! It's actually amazing to see something like this made by such a small team in such a small amount of time. For the most part it's pretty polished, albeit a little buggy at times. But this did not at all detract from my experience! This by far is my favorite NaNoRenO2020 title so far, I mean if anything its the most visually appealing game in the lineup. I have a few more games to play, but I've no doubt that this will stay in its place as my favorite pick for this year's submissions. Thank you for your hard work and I hope to see more of your creations in the future!


Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a detailed review! I genuinely appreciate it. I'm so glad you liked the game!


Really like the visual novel. It's sweet and I love the development between Felix and Tris, though the story was too short and there was too many skip time and the choices are way too obvious.


It was really a nice ride! I loved the art and the presentation, the quest for Kali and especially the way Trisetar was written :)
You don't get to be the boyfriend of hell's ruler that often eheh


I just finished the game, and I would say its really amazing! I love your art style, the characters are so charming and cute! Thank you 

I am having  black screen problem after unity logo  and re-dowlanded game for 3 times yet nothing changed.(plaing on windows 7)

Can you download the latest version (I just updated it) and tell me if you saw a small hourglass in the bottom right corner of the screen?

Alright, I will try again, thank you

No issue, I appreciate your patience! If it still doesn't work, you can try the Web version ♥

Yep there is a horuglass.

Okay, that just mean loading is taking a long time. You might need to wait a little long for it to load. If it still doesn't work after 30 secs to 1 minute, then you can try the Web version 💖


I can't believe the final game is finally out!!! Thank you guys for all your hard work and effort since and from the demo + congrats.

However, my game is getting stuck at the booting screen and I have updated the game to the newest build for the mac. I'm looking forward to finally being able to enjoy what you guys have made once you fix the build! I'm sure it's going to be really good^^

I downloaded the version of today and it works fine for my laptop with windows 10 on it. 

This is a short and cute VN! Perfect for someone, who needed a little bit of fluff today! I also went back and played through it again to see the other end and CG. It just made me wish this couple the best for the future and I am looking forward to your future projects!


I'm excited to play your game! 😊

There's just one problem, though. When I start the game, the Unity logo shows and then the game gets stuck on a grey screen. 😥

Hey there! Can you try the newest build and tell me if it works? Thanks!

It works fine now! 😊


Hello I'm using windows 10 and when I start the game it shows unity logo and then the screen turns black. 

Thank you for making this gorgeous game I can't wait to play it when this get fixed :)


I've fixed it! The issue is related to automatically generating patches for the game. Please redownload it fully, and let me know if it works 😊

It works! Thank you so much :)


The screen is black and nothing show after 15's like stuck? Please help me T-T

That sucks, I'm so sorry. Please tell me what operating system you're on, so I can investigate.

Hi! It's available now, thank you. I will enjoy well~


the screen is stuck grey on boot :(

So sorry to hear! What operating system are you on?

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Windows 10 Home 64-bit but the new patch fixed it!

Can you try the most recent release and tell me if you see a small hourglass in the bottom right corner? If you do, then wait a little while and it will load (I'm trying to reduce loading times as well.) If not, please inform me if you don't see it so I can fix it. I really appreciate your patience.

Hi! This is such a cool game, loved both the endings <3 Only wish I knew where to get myself a nice hot demon in these trying times D:

So glad you like it! 😊

I love this so much. It's really funny and I'm loving the story so far, Ihope to see more soon!


The art is so good! I'm really liking the characters so far. Can't wait until you release the full version! 💕


"Oh. That's why they were screaming" and the whole scene in the party just cracked me up! :P hahaha

Well done with your demo. I can't wait to see more of your project! :D

Thank you so much! It means a lot.


The demo did a good job of giving us a feel for the characters. Excited to see more, do you have any idea how long the final project will be?

It's hard to give a solid estimate, but it'll be quite short. Probably won't take more than an hour or so to play through.


do u have a idea of when it will be done?


Yes, it will be finished for Nanoreno! So, at least April 5th 😊



OH MY GOD THEYRE ALL SO CUTE LIKE-Okay okay im going to calm down.I really like the characters as you can tell.Felix is sincerly such a sweetheart.I absolutely adore the art style too!I cant wait for the game to be done so I can play it!Keep up the good work!! uwu

Thanks! So glad you like it 🥰

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