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I've been having issues with a lack of a back or exit button in the settings menu! I don't think this is a vessel exclusive issue, because someone below me is having the same issue on their mac, while I use Windows.

please i have the same issue, can you tell me how to leave the setting page?

i dont think there is a way. I've just had to close the program every time. i gave up on changing the settings.

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I think you're supposed to go back to "BASIC" the return button is under it, it worked for me

This was the cutest thing ever !! <3


Ahh! This was so cute <3


Um I am trying to leave the settings but I don't see a way out of the window. I have a mac, I don't know if that's just a macbook problem but idk.


"If you're demons, doesn't that make you already--" -Felix

"Do not complete that sentence." -Trisetar



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bootiful. absolutely bootiful. and ridiculous at points lmao


Nah cause the "and laid"

I don't get that!

D Nada mina "irmão volta pro inf3rno"

n sei como sair da tela de configuração .,.


Really enjoyed the story! 🥰

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This was amazing! I love visual novels and the romance in this was *beautiful*, But I have a question. How do I get volume 2?


This was so goooooooooooood I wish there was more. :D

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This was really heartwarming. I love the romantic scenes between them. This is random but I really like how Felix's hair is drawn and has pink highlights. It's also really cute how Tris takes care of Felix when he feels overwhelmed. Spoilers below.

I really love the ending where Felix and Tris live on Earth. They seem so carefree and happy.


I love how the first time Trisetar says his name (when Felix cant understand it) it says Trisetar Von Floof <3 
Nice detail! :3 


heyo :3


wah :( why does the boyfriend have share names with me. But, this is a really cute game!




how do you get out of the save with out closeing game???

Just keep pressing the down arrow key till you see nothing selected, then press the left arrow key till nothing is selected, press the space bar. it should bring you back to the game. It worked for me, so I hope it helps some of you guys out!


I loved it!! It was adorable! 

I love the art and character design too and I think they were well written

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So, his name is Felix Wright? Is he Phoenix Wright's younger brother?

On a side note, it took me a bit to notice that some of the backgrounds are also in Royal Alchemist. That was fun to notice. Regardless, a fun game!

This. This is my new favorite game

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Fun and cute!

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This is a REALLY cute VN that's worth a shot! Here's a review, if you want a TLDR to just see whether you should play it or not, you can skip to the last paragraph.

I was surprised--some VNs I opt into downloading might have art that seems inappropriate for the setting they're trying to convey, but the art style for Demon Kiss was very appropriate in each scene. Their models and portraits are fantastic, and the backgrounds are immersive and does the story good. The story is fun and realistically written--it's not too corny and while there are very few grammar or spelling issues, it's not a story that's so seriously told that it would pull you out of having a good time while playing it.

Story review with light spoilers

The story itself is actually good--I guessed the plot twist, but that added to the excitement for me.  There were some parts, especially alongside the time skips, that felt rushed or poorly paced regarding their romance. I'm torn between the romance being too quick, or if I just wanted more--but that goes to show that it WAS still good, I just felt left for wanting regarding the more romantic, or why/how they came to feel for one another. 

I LOVED that the main character didn't have any kind of struggle or hesitance regarding his sexuality! That was one of my favorite bits--it's EXTREMELY rare for a VN to not have a "but we're both m-men" moment, and that alone is enough for me to totally forgive and forget the pacing of it. We love to see a gay protag officially reveal himself to his prospective hellbound boyfriend, so that's a big kudos to the writer.

I loved the 'lore and the world created, I feel like there could very easily be spin-offs, other stories in the same world, as well as other games. It's a really cool representation of hell, class ranking, as well as magic limitations. Very well done.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and definitely will be following for more! Definitely would play more from the same creator, 5 sexy demon men getting flustered by mortal dudes out of 5. Grab a drink and a snack, push autoplay, and let it roll. It's super cute and worth enjoying.


Omg this is so gud and cute i love it

hewo :3

Hi im sorry i don't check this that much anymore but really cute pfp <3

aww thx <3

can i give you mah number? :3


Np but no thanks u can give me ur disc tho

oh ok


It's cute but the choice of music is distracting 


It’s a very cute game. However, there is not return menu or back button on the save screen. When I refreshed and tried to load the game I don’t know what the window said but it deleted my save and I still couldn’t exit and had to refresh and play the whole game over.

I’m guessing you allow free scrolling and skipping to help mitigate these issues as this is a short game but people like me save a lot so not being able or feeling trapped or punished for doing so makes me not want to try all the routes.


Hi, So I have a question and I know you have been getting this question a lot but I just need to know.  How do I exit certain things? because when I was trying to make a save I couldn't find a return button or anything to click to exit that screen when I made a save. Sorry for bothering you and Have a nice day :)

I started playing this on my phone. Everything is kinda pixelated and the text isn't easy to read. I realize it's not meant for phone but a bold sans serif font may make it easier to use on phone anyway. After a while I opened the save menu and couldn't figure out how to close it so I had to stop. Will play later on my computer. I think I'll like it.


Ah yes, Your average Natsuki...


without the cupcakes and necksnapping preferably XD

oh, how I love this comment 

Now you know why i chose the username "AnimeDokiTSUNDERE"


I love it lol


I also cannot exit out of certain things like the settings and save screen... I have to exit all the way out of the game to get out of the menu for them.


im on windows and its worked for me so far


I'm sorry, but how do I exit stuff like the gallery and load/save? None of the controls work. (I'm on Windows by the way)


Okay, on MAC it's hard to exit anything, like the controls are really hard to...control. Like, when I'm saving my game and wanting to exit, it won't let me. It's frustrating and makes me not want to continue on.

Right? On Windows too. 


A cute, short game about a gay dork and Tsundere Demon Prince. What more about it?

It might seemed rushed because the game was initially planned for a game jam, so a production during a limited time and shortage of assets; the reason why it's also on the shorter side. As someone who experienced rushes before for projects, I don't judge the creator for that. It's all about being done with the project. Polishes may or may not be allowed afterwards.

I also wouldn't expect from one writer who also has to do the GUI and coding and general marketing as well direction of the team to write a long, fleshed out story in a month. Credits are a nice thing to see who worked on what and I see clearly that the developer took on quite a bit for Demon Kiss.

Basically this a short, sweet story between the two main characters without unnecessary drama that shouldn't be read into that deep. Sure, this doesn't excuse the lacking points like some rushed writing, but who came for a full lore and drama filled story anyway? You just want some quick fluff sometimes to fill in that dark hole in your chest to warm you up. 

And a big plus to it being dorky cute and not Yaoi-sexual. I demand a sequel! Maybe even for Vanessa, since some people seemed to be a fan of hers in the comments. Though it won't be BL anymore, huh.


Honestly it was a bit disappointing, the story followed a lot of yaoi tropes, the relationship felt forced, and a lot of things were underexplained. Time was passed without explanation between, and there was a lot of missed dialogue opportunities. In general, it was a bit messy, and felt like the world only centered on two characters, not giving ones like, Nessie for example, time to really express herself. Not to mention with Nessie as the ONLY other character with a sprite who is also female, the twist was very predictable, and in general, the game felt somewhat rushed, as if halfway through everybody had gotten lazy with the concept and wished to breeze the rest of the way through.


Wow, the novel is really sweet! Absolutely cute and lovely it won my heart. Gorgeous drawing, delightful characters, just wish the novel was longer since I already miss it. Great job indeed, hope to see more of your stuff someday.


Absolutely loved it! It's so nice to find a gay novel without horrible yaoi traits, thank you so much for this lovely experience!


I love it soooooo much pls make more


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this was beautiful omg!! <3

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