Meet the artist: Akua!

In celebration of Demon Kiss hitting 2,000+ plays, here's a special feature with our artist, Akua! She's the one responsible for the lovely sprites and CGs you see here!


Now, on with the interview!

FolesoHow long have you been drawing?

AkuaSince I can hold a pen, tho, the serious drawing happened when my mum stopped doing drawings for me to colour. I got into Manga style because the local library had the comic section next to the adult section, so I was really panicking at first if those comics with cool drawings were illegal for me. Then I picked up how to draw manga books from the art section and from there I spiraled down Lol

FolesoWhat's your favorite subject to draw and why?

Akua: Hm, Hot guys, lol. Specifically hot guys with a feminine touch, I fucking love long hair on men. I'm just tired of seeing so much Waifu art. And well, some dark stuff I guess? Though so far I only did characters and were given prompts by others, so there is more 'romance' involved - got a lot of couple and shipping requests when I started which led me more to draw for romance VNs I guess

Foleso: Who/What are your biggest inspirations?

AkuaAkihisa Ikeda at the very front (fuck the people who directed the anime adaptation of Rosario+Vampire, the Manga is a masterpiece), then mostly Mangaka like Nao Tsukiji, Fujiko Kosumi, Yana Toboso, Akaza Samamiya, Shinobu Ohtaka, Kozaki Yusuke (also FE:A artist), Aya Kanno, Kaori Yuki, Kiyo Qyo (RIP)

Then Otome artist Kazuki Yone

And illustrators: Sakimichan, laovaan, ero_pinku, solialis, (this list could go on imma stop here)

FolesoTell us a little about your personal project(s)!

AkuaMy own project Lycoris and art partner for Rinzamakani's projects

Hopefully this short interview gave you a small glimpse of the person behind the gorgeous artwork in Demon Kiss! As stated in the top of the post, you can follow her on her socials to keep up with her future stuff!


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